Cann Durant Fiat Tipo Sedicivalvole

Front View Since the beginning of time, Italians have been churning out quick motors festooned with flair, character and charm, Unfortunately, under the heading of 'character' were nightmares such as rust, chimp-like driving positions and electrics that were guaranteed to pack up after midnight. Still, the joys of ownership (although you're not classed as an owner, you're classed as an enthusiast) are high, especially when there're companies like Cann Durant out there who can supply your Latin motor with all the right bits. And here's the proof...


This rather rare Tipo Sedicivolvole belongs to Cann Durant's boss man Julian. It's one of only 600 imported into good old Blighty a few years back, and even though it may not look like a power-mad beastie, it certainly goes and sounds like one. The 2-litre, 16V twin cam under the bonnet is basically a Delta Integrale jobbie, and after a few home-brewed tweaks, including the silencer-free exhaust system (it uses resonators to deaden the sound) the Tipo's chucking out in the region of 176 bhp. From the outside, the only clues to its performance are the sixteen inch integrale Evo alloys and a subtle rear spoiler. As Julian puts it. 'It's the ultimate Q-car'.

Back Front

type 2.0cc 16V twin cam blueprinted
exhaust de-Cat stainless steel, resonators used instead of silencers
power 176 bhp

Bilstein shocks

wheels 7×16 Delta Evo
tyres 205/45×16 Fulda Y3000

front Delta Integrale discs, Ferodo pads
rear standard

rear spoiler

Ferrari style gear knob. Momo wheel standard.

Integrale Evo alloys are the only giveaway as to what's under the crimson bonnet.



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