Frequently asked questions about FIAT Tipo 16V

Can I fit more powerful headlight bulbs?

Nareman Virk says that he's using 130/100W bulbs and they are noticeably better. I'm not sure whether it's legal to change the wattage of bulbs. Anyway, the headlamp plugs, the things that plug into the back of the bulb with 3 wires coming out, have melted on both sides of the car. Nareman has replaced them with heavy duty ones from a Fiat Uno diesel.

Mike Jukes says that you must be careful that you don't over do it on the wiring. If you overload it you may burn it out. The plastic lampholders must also be rated to the wattage.

Xenon is a tad overated, it tends to be just as bright as halogen, it's just a higher colour temperature, meaning the light is closer to white/blue.

What replacement bulbs do I need for the dashboard?

Andy Forsdyke says they are part number 286 which is a universal number used everywhere. All garages will sell them and also Halfords. They're under £1 each and they are the plug in type.

My Glove Box light and Cigarette lighter socket don't work. What's wrong?

Keith Meredith says that his glove box light and cigarette lighter don't work. He's checked all the obvious things but was wondering if they may be linked in any way without ripping everything out.

Steve Lewis says he's right! Oddly enough the glove box light and cigarette lighter are on the same fuse - he can't remember which one but it has a diagram in the fuse box. His stopped working because the wire for the light got shorted by the glove box catch breaking the wire so that might be a good first stop.

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