Frequently asked questions about FIAT Tipo 16V

How and why should I replace the Gearbox oil?

Mike Jukes says that after changing his gearbox oil the gear change is so much smoother. It cost about £35 including labour and oil and was well worth it. The gears engage a lot smoother, almost un noticeable, and they tend to actually bite sooner, also finding them is very easy. If he didn't know better, Mike would say that the car was more responsive as well. To replace the oil Alex Wakefield says the drain on the gearbox is under the gearbox. No surprises there! Nareman Virk says that changing the oil is not difficult, just tricky, as you have to pour new oil in at a 90-degree angle. The hole is on the side of the gearbox. This is best done with a funnel bent at the bottom.

What oil should I use in my Gearbox?

Mike Jukes says put the best in you can afford. His mechanic uses fully synthetic oil.

What gearboxes fit the Tipo?

Several owners have suffered gearbox failers and looked at replacements. Alex Neagu says that as far as he is aware both the Fiat Coupe 16v (not the turbo 16v!) and the Dedra 2.0 gearboxes will fit the Tipo. The Fiat Coupe 16v will have shorter gear ratios than the Dedra so the car will accelerate better. His dad has a 1.8 Dedra and says that gearbox will also fit. However the gears are long. For instance 2nd gear at 6500 rpm equates to 100 kmh, 4th gear at 4000 rpm equates to 140 kmh. Alex's friend Moshe tried to fit the Coupe 16v turbo gearbox with his turbo engine and the gearbox did not fit.

Calin Jones says that the Sedicivalvole engine & gearbox is actually out of a lancia thema 2.0 16v with a slightly different compression ratio. However in the Tipo its turned around 180 degrees - which might have ramifications for fitting the gearbox.

Should I lighten my flywheel?

This is a very good idea as the engine will rev much easier. Take it to a professional though as they will be able to advise on how much to lighten it by. Too much and not only will you weaken the flywheel but the engine will not idle very well. Getting to the flywheel requires the removal of the gearbox which is a time consuming task. Therefore it only makes economic sense to lighten the flywheel at the same time as the clutch is being replaced.

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