Brooklands February 20th 2000

The first meeting of the new year. After meeting up at various places on route we eventually had a convoy of 8 Tipo 16Vs, a Alfa Romeo 75, a Fiat Cinquecento and a Lancia Delta HF 4x4 Turbo.

By the time we arrived at the circuit it was about 1pm and nearly everyone had already arrived. It was quite an experience driving past the crowds of people with them looking at a line of eight Tipo 16Vs snaking through them. You could almost imagine them saying "Oh look there's a Fiat Tipo 16V, you don't see one of those very often " followed by "... and there's another, and another...".

Brooklands February 2000 We all managed to park together in a line right by the central cicuit. It looked very impressive. The "Fiat Tipo 16V Owners Club" flags that I had sent out with everyone's car number on looked very professional and there were some novel uses made of them. All we need at the next meeting is a Gazebo and some chairs. I will get some name badges made up so we know who's car is whose as it's difficult to remember once everyone moves away from their cars.

Most of the day was spent watching the racing in the middle of the circuit. You could take your own car around if you were prepared to queue. There was a wide variety of cars taking part including a couple of Lamborghini Countachs, various Ferraris, Lancia Integrales. I think I speak for everyone when I say the most fun to watch was an ex rally Metro 6R4, awesome handling and acceleration. Tiff Needell even turned up to watch.

One of the funniest moments must have been where George's friend Richie parked his Alfa 75. Right opposite the main racing event was a company showing off about 4 of their modified Alfas. Richie managed to park his Alfa right in the middle of their display without asking!!!

Brooklands February 2000 We got together at various times during the day and examined one another's cars, discussed problems and ideas. George showed off his new project which started life as a 1.4 white Tipo. It's now been completely resprayed in a dark blue with purple pearlsent paint, It has had all the Sedicivalvole trimmings added including alloy wheels, bumpers, stickers and red strips. The bumpers started off as the standard black plastic and everyone was amazed as to how well they looked after they had been painted. Top job George.

We had a look around the car parks to try and find any other Tipo 16V but the only one we found turned out to belong to Keith Meredith.

Come 6pm and the light was fading and we all decided to head off home. Alex Wakefield says "It was great to meet everyone who attended today, and I'm looking forwards to the next gathering." Nigel Gladstone says "Chuffin Marvellous day, I must have been driving like a looney, nearly a full tank for just short of 200 miles!! great to see everyone though, excellent turnout!" Keith Meredith says "It was nice to finally meet some of you guys at last, especially those like Alex and John who I have had contact with by email and Andy Forsdyke who I have spoken to on the phone when ordering new badges and strips."

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