Stockley Park April 30th 2000

This was a mini meet organised by Nareman for those local to London. Stockley Park is a very smart business park just up the A408 off J4 on the M4 at Heathrow Airport. Myself, Nareman Virk, George Roberts, Mike Jukes, Mike and Alex Wakefield turned up at 1pm. We waited at the entrance to the park for several others who had been invited but when they failed to show we went into the park for a photo shoot. We'd just got the cars set up infront of one of the small lakes scattered throughout the park when a security guard came over and told us we could not take any pictures and that we would have to leave. We drove out of the park and found another location to take some pictures. Nareman had brought his digital camcorder and made some small movies of us driving about.

1,242KB MPEG 1,115KB MPEG 1,178KB MPEG

Here are some stills from the day from the same camcorder.

74KB 58KB 58KB 69KB
57KB 56KB 66KB 59KB

We drove down to the McDonnalds by Heathrow airport where we grabbed a bite to eat. We each made our own way home at about 6pm. I think everyone enjoyed the gathering, it was good to see everyone and discuss changes poeple had made and wish to make to their cars. George's Sedici lookalike looked even better on the wheels I'd sold him. Alex was dissapointed as looking at his car it didn't look possible to squeeze a 57i kit next to his struct brace. The spoiler on Mike's car looked very good as blended in well with the car.

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