Alexis Grant

Alexis' car is a J registration with 54,000 miles and a K&N air filter. Alexis hopes to modify the car further with an exhaust, cat removal and chip from probably BWE. He would like to try 17" wheels on given the cash. Alexis truly loves this car and is a differently completely experience from driving his old Renualt 5 for which we will never forgive him!

When Alexis' brought his car it has been involved in a front end collision. Alexis took this opportunity to replace the 5 door headlights, grill and bumper with the new style 3 door grill and narrower headlights.

Alexis has fitted a pipe to his K&N filter to move it away from the engine such that it gets nice cold air from the wheel arch. To do this he brought a 3" mild steel pipe that has a 90 degree bend in it and about 4" either side of the tube. He took the existing rubber tubing that has the breather hose (comes out of the bottom of the tube by the throttle body) and chopped that down a bit so the breather hose is still attached to the main trunking. The bend on the pipe sits in the corner of the engine bay, with the other end pointing towards the headlight. You then need to cut either end to the correct length so the K&N will sit there freely without touching anything. Alexis has also added a rod that has been pop riveted into the tube and attaches itself to the wing, this stops the pipe from banging around.


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