Andy Whitehead

Andy is obsessed with these cars. He smashed his silver J reg about 12 months ago, and has just picked up a straight black K reg 5 door sedicvalvole, with a snapped crank on 22nd January 2001 for the sum of £700.

Andy has now bought an engine for his car which is now fitted. He payed a reasonable price of £700 and it came out of an M Reg car, which had done only 40,000 miles and he is very happy with the result. There was a lot of trouble getting that result though. He had to change the plenum chamber which had a different pully system for the throttle attachment. He also had to change the inlet manifold and the thermostat housing because the breater pipes had nowhere to attach themselves to on the newer one.

The car is back running again and Andy says its fantastic. He has also added on some clear light clusters that look trick.

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