Barry Girgis

Barry is the proud owner of a Tipo 16v. He purchased the car from an auction for £800. The car is a 1992 J registered 5 door model in Rosso racing red with 73,000 miles. All he can say about the car is WOW!!! he is so pleased with it. Before seeing the car at the auction, he didn't realise that these cars existed. The biggest shock for him was after having driven away form the forecourt of the auction, he realised how damn quick these cars actually are!!!

Because they are so rare and so unheard of, they are a guaranteed head-turner. The car itself does not boast of its specification with fancy badges or signs, it merely has the word Sedicivalvole written on the tailgate handle, which in his opinion is very classy indeed.

He adores the car and so do his friends. Of course, there are a couple of niggles with it but thats expected from all Fiats. Things like the electrics, the cost of parts etc, but overall its worth it.

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