Bob Woodward

Bob recently bought a Tipo 16v for what he thought was a good deal (£1350). It is a K reg april 1993 and had an indicated 51,000 miles. His concern is that it does not perform like a car that has 148bhp, particularly after 4000 revs. Bob points out that himself and his partner are Fiat nuts and own five Fiats. They are an 850 saloon, a 130 coupe 3.2 V6, a Strada Abarth 130TC, the Tipo which he bought to replace his company car and his partner will shortly be replacing her Peugeot 106 GTI with a bravo HGT.

He had another Fiat dealer who he have known for years (he bought the strada from them) look over the Tipo and he discovered low compression on all cylinders. Although it uses oil at about the rate it should there is no evidence of ring wear i.e. blue smoke. On start up first thing in the morning there is a lot of blue smoke for about 20 seconds and then all is clear. Bob thinks it might be valve guide wear and is currently trying to find a specialist to look at it for him.


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