George Roberts

George's Tipo 16v sounds like a beauty. After waiting 18 months to find the right car he's now had it painted with £500 worth, of a new type of pearlesent paint only just launched by Dupont Paints. The main difference being that the pearlesent effect is sprayed on over the base colour to give a radical colour change in different lights.

George has a K&N 57i kit and managed to haggle his local stockist down to £75.00 inc VAT, which isn't bad considering Demon Tweeks wanted £81.50 + VAT !!. He has also fitted progressive Eibach lowered uprated springs. At present as he's saving for a Supersprint exhaust. After the MOT the catalytic converter is being removed.

George has been replacing the faded trim with a number of parts from FIAT. A new "Sedicivalvole" badge cost only £9.50 and looks great as the old one had faded to orange. Other parts were not as reasonable, the red pin-stripe on the side skirts cost £35.00 EACH SIDE plus VAT!!

George is planning a trip to Italy this year and wants to know if any members would be interested in a Sedicivalvole European Club Cruise/Meeting.

George recently decided to upgrade the shock absorbers on his Tipo and had a bit of a nightmare over it. Many hours were spent ringing round (always a good idea) to get the best quote for Konis as the similar quality Bilsteins are not adjustable. Quotes ranged from £600 + VAT down to Larkspeeds £427 inc VAT and delivery. Brilliant he thought, they said delivery of Rear shocks in 3 days and Fronts would be 7-10 days. The rears arrived no problem but after 14 days there was no sign of the fronts. George spoke to Larkspeed who claimed they said 7-10 weeks, not days. They offered him a set of Bilsteins instead but he didn't want them. Requesting a full refund George was told he would have to pay for the postage both ways for the rears plus a 20% handling charge!! George got on the phone again and eventually found a very helpful company called Kool Motorsport who said Koni UK are not bringing Tipo shocks in for at least 10-15 weeks! However they had contacts with 'Hormann' (German Fiat tuners) who had them on the shelf. George kept the rears from Larkspeed and paid an extra 30 postage to Kool Motorsport who had matched Larkspeeds low quote for the fronts.

George says that the ride is firmer but not unbearable. However the car's cornering capability has improved significantly.

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