Ian Cull

Ian is the owner of a cracking J reg 16V sedici. He has owned the car since about May 2000 and enjoys the car very much. It is a silver 5 door with ABS. There are a few changes Ian's made to the car such as the custom stainless exhaust system which runs all the way through (de-catted of course), the 15" Wolfrace Tallon alloys and a couple of interior bits like the carbon and red gear knob together with the leather red and black gear gator, to match the Momo steering wheel.

Owning this car hasn't been without its problems. The car would rev by itself at junctions and occasionally would speed up by itself. Ian was expecting the bottom of his wallet to fall out when he took it to his mechanic but was pleasantly surprised when it only cast him £70. The machanic cleaned a few sensors and a few pipes and their hasn't been a problem since. The only problem at the moment is a sticking clutch pedal but after e-mailing several other owners listed on this site this is a common problem and cheaply fixed.

So all-in-all Ian's very pleased with his Tipo. Driving it is a real scream. His job as a Residential Social worker means he has to use his own car for ferrying around the kids I look after, and with a very generous petrol allowance means you can't keep him out of it, any excuse will do.

Ian wishes that some of the Nova and RS boys around where he lives would give him a race. Either they know the awesome power of the beast and are cowering behind their stick on bonnet vents (even without the plastic bits cut out - doh) or they haven't a clue what the car can do and are oblivious to its presence on the road.

Ian has a few plans for the car as soon as Chrismass is out the way. These involve upgrading the wheels to 17" Evo R's, and he's been talking to Darren at Avanti about the possibilities of a turbo conversion. He really thinks this would be awesome, considering what a drivers car the Tipo 16v has turned out to be. It would have to be cost effective though as his mate is currently selling a 16V Delta Intergrale for around £5000.

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