Karim Kassir

Karim drives a 1993 Tipo 16V and is fortunate enough to live only 2 miles from the A1-Ring where he often gets the chance to drive his car. Karim would like to know what oil people put into their Tipos and what the consumption is like? Karim suggests one way of modifying the engine would be to add the turbo charger from the Fiat Coupé 16V Turbo. It seems that adding a turbo charger is not that easy cause you have to change the pistons, valves and camshafts as well to cope with the power of the turbo charger. Moreover you'll need an oil cooler as well as an intercooler. Karim doesn't know whether would also have to modify the gearbox to cope with the torque (approximately 280 Nm instead of 170 in the normal 16V Tipo) of the turbo charged engine.

In January 1999 Karim's cam belt jumped and got out of sync whilst trying to start the engine. The valves hit the pistons and the car had to be taken to a garage. The engine needed new inlet valves and valve springs, a new cam belt and new gaskets. The engine is working much better than before although the repair did cost 1500 Euros.

Karim says that in Austria the rear spoiler was standard on all Tipo 2.0 16V available.

Karim's ordered some Sparco brake discs for his Tipo. Just the front discs cost ATS 1,830 a pair. He has already replaced the rear discs with "Jurid" discs (original quality - standard discs). The guy at the garage advised him not to use Ferodo brake pads cause the wear is enourmous, so Karim ordered standard brake pads.

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