Martin Hodges

Martin has a K registered 16V Tipo. It has Abarth centre caps on the wheels but no abs. He brought it in June 2000 for £2100 with one owner and 82,000 miles. It's in red with an electric sun roof and headlight wipers.

The first thing martin changed was to add a K&N air filter. He made a 4" pipe complete with heat shield to feed nice cold air to it from the front of the car.

Next was the BBR starchip for about 3 months but was not a great success and he took it out after speaking to someone who blames thier engine damage on the chip. Martin then fitted a "Powerflow" stainless steel exhaust from the catayltic converter back with no mid box and a back box with a 4" slant cut tail pipe which cost £280 including fitting. Martin fitted a set of 7"×15" multi spoke wheels with Avon sport 205×50R15 tyres on. In the wheel centers he fitted red Abarth center caps. He also fitted red valve caps which got stolen the next day.

In November 2000 Martin brought a nitrous injection kit from Highpower Systems for £489 plus VAT. This was for the basic kit which includes everything including instructions to get you going. After reading the instructions about six times he got the idea and got started. The instructions said to place the gas in the boot so he put it in the hole between the inner and outer wing where the old air box used to go. It took him about 3 hours and the only problems were:

The rest was simple. martin says you can feel the 25 extra bhp but he will now go for the 50 bhp. Wisely so Martin says he will stop at that or the engine might stop him first. Martin thinks that his 0 to 60mph time with the 25 bhp extra is about 6.6 secs but hopes to get this down to 5.7ish when he switches to 50 bhp injectors. That should give him a top speed of 154mph and 210bhp.

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