Miles Poolton

Miles has a 1992 K registration 5 door Fiat Tipo 16V. Be brought it for £1500 in March 2000. It's covered 90,000 miles with a full service history. The car is completely standard and when Miles drove it he found it quite flat below 4000 rpm. Miles used to have a lancia Coupe 2000 carb version which was fantastic. He drove a friends injected version and found it to be flat as well. Miles has read Guy Crofts Fiat/Lancia twin cam tuning bible and he mentions that because the injected engines use a plenum chamber they don't have the response of a one choke per cylinder setup such as twin 45's.

Miles has fitted TAR-OX 6 groove discs and matching pads.

Miles was having problems with the car slipping out of gear whilst going around corners. He took the car Avanti Motorsport on Saturday 28th April 2001 and Frank Rizzuti diagnosed the problem as a selector in the gearbox. Basically, the gearbox was trying to engage two gears at once. If you're unlucky enough to be doing a decent speed when this happens it locks the wheels and the gearbox explodes. Having the gearbox rebuilt is £800.

The lower wishbones also needed replacing at a cost of £220 and look as if they are cast or forged with four rubber mounts on each. Apparently they are sealed units so there's no getting around that one.

The middle section of the exhaust has rotted though as is being replaced with a CSC item to match the tailpipe he had fitted six months ago.

Whilst the gearbox is out a lightened and balanced flywheel is going in which costs £100 and will hopefully help the engine pickup a little better.

On 1st May 2001 Miles spoke to Avanti and apparently 3rd gear is shot and will have to be replaced. Fortunately this is covered in the original cost. Also, with this type of work you get a photographic rebuild record from Avanti

Miles picked his car up from Avanti Motorsport on Saturday 19th June 2001 and it just flies now. The gearbox is smooth and the change is light and tight. The steering is much better although ever so slightly vague around the straight ahead position. When the new bottom arms went in the tracking has to be adjusted. After a while they settle in and the tracking has to be re-adjusted.

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