Peter Chan

Peter has a Silver 1993 5 door Tipo 16V thats covered 59,000 miles. Peter's car has wipers on the headlights but no anti lock brakes! Peter says that this way he can see the car that he's going to hit clearly with clean lights but that he won't be able to stop in time due to lack of ABS. According to Fiat he has a very rare 158 BHP model. This model was only produced during 1992 - 1993 K plate. Peter's car has an electric sunroof and Abarth center caps on it's wheels. Peter says that if you want to improve the look of your Tipo 16V, you can add small 1" Abarth badges to the door pillars in a similar way to the Lancia Integralie has small Lancia badges in the same place.

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