Richard Brierley

Richard recently (May 1999) bought a 1992 5 door Tipo 16v and is very pleased with it. Richard has 195×50 R15 tyres fitted to his car. He has just had a new clutch fitted and brake discs and pads all round.

Richard has had some Jamex sport shock absorbers fitted. He got them because the others where utterly shagged, otherwise he'd have waited until he could afforded them instead of using a credit card! He choose Jamex because they were about half the price of Koni's and the car already had lowered Jamex springs on it when he brought it. The shocks themselves are designed to be fitted with lowered springs and so are slightly shorter than standard. He's sure the car is even lower than it already was. They are not top adjustable, but the fella at Demon Tweeks said that more often than not these are a pain in the arse as you spend all your time trying to fiddle with them, but unless your Schumacher you probably wouldn't notice the difference. They cost about £425 including fitting and a four wheel laser alignment all by Demon Tweeks.

The shock aborbers made a vast improvement, although obviously the others were knackered. He's still yet to really find the limit of grip, although he's been trying! The car still rolls a bit so Richard's considering Eibach anti-roll bars but these are over £300. He might also replace all the suspension bushes with Power Flex ones, but it would be a a nightmare of a job

Richards next purchases will be a 57i induction kit, and an exhaust system, just to improve the already cool sound effects! Oh yes, and a bucket seat.

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