Rogerio Ferrari

Rogerio is from Sao Paulo and has a 1995 16v 3 door (they only have 3 doors in brazil) in metallic gray. He has owned it for almost 1 year and has made some changes. First he had to change the rear mufler as it was rusted and had some little holes in it. Original parts are very expensive in Brazil so Rogerio opted for a sporty free flow one with a MOMO chromed rectangular tailpipe.

After reading some "european" issues, and of course, consulting this site he decided lower the car. The problem is that in Brazil they don't have prepared coils from well stabilished companies such as Koni, Spax and so on (importing is very expensive). There are a couple of garages that submit the coils into a shortening process by super high temperatures, but some people say the metal loose its characteristics and can even brake!

He doesn't know the process these european companies use, but his culture in this case says that it is more secure to cut it rather than shorten it. He knows people say it looses general behaviour due to the reduced number of 'rounds' but went ahead all the same. He cut 2 rounds in front and 1½ of the back ones. The car looks awesome! Low but not too much. He guesses one finger from tire to fender. It is harder now, but not punishing. And driving in good roads it feels wonderful specially on turns.

He has also changed the wheels and tires fitting 15" wheels with 6½" rims and 205/50 ZR 15 Sumitomo tires. No major changes have been made to the engine except a change in spark plugs (4 electrodes) and wire sets (originals).

Regerio has removed his catalytic converter after reading the comments of other owners on this web site. He says the it's a little bit loud but the result in low end power is worth it. He eventally fitted it back on as the noise was too much.

Rogerio has also discovered a garage who does remapping, enlarges the throttle and installs K&N filters. Thats the very next step, but he shall do it in parts. First he wants the K&N, after the chip and last the throttle body.

Rogerio has now had the chip remapping and installed the K&N filter. He agrees that the sound is terrific and the power is a lot better. He estimates 150 bhp but with a little more torque than stock. He says he knows it sounds pretty mild but it is fine for him.

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