Stefan Starkie

Stefan has a black 5-door 1993 (L registered) 2.0 16v Tipo Sedicivalvole that has covered 48,000 miles. The car is completely stock except the Momo steering wheel which is standard on the 5 door cars and was replaced with FIAT energy absorbing version on the 3 doors. The performance of the car will be imporved funds permitting. Stefan has owned the Tipo since August 1998 and has loved every minute of it. He says the performance will blow away most other hot hatches and you get a gorgeous musical crescendo as you go roaring up to the red line. Bloody fantastic!! Stefan also goes on to say that the car is much more involving, a much better performer and much more individual than just about any other hot hatch. Stefan's car does not have ABS but it does have headlight wash/wipe. Being only 20 the best insurance quote he could get was £1490.

Stefan had a big accident in the car on Christmas Day 1998 whilst driving back from a relatives house with his Dad along a road he knows very well. He was doing about 60 mph down a totally straight section at night when a drunk appeared in the headlights, wearing completely black clothing. At this point Stefan had about half a second until he hit him, so had no time to brake. He swerved hard to the right, just missed the guy but had to straighten the car up. At this point the tail broke away. Stefan was expecting the breakaway, but could not quite catch it in time and the car left the road sideways still doing nearly 60mph. Fortunately, although he had not been able to straighten the car, he had slowed the spin down so they drifted sideways for quite a distance (in the dark, this was pretty scary!). Eventually they approached a ditch and the back end went in first, hit a tree and the front the spun round into the ditch as well. The plastic rear tailgate was completely smashed in two, the bumper was also cracked in half and the rear window had smashed. The subframe behind te rear bumper was also bent slightly and had to be straightened out with a jig. The total cost of the repairs came to about £1400.

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