Frequently asked questions about FIAT Tipo 16V

Which versions of the car have ABS systems fitted?

ABS (antilock braking system) was an factory fitted option on all versions of the car. It cost about £750 and I don't believe that it can be fitted after delivery. I was under the impression that it was standard equipment on all 16V models and regrettably did not bother to check. If you are unsure it is quite easy to detect the presence of ABS under the bonnet. If ABS is fitted to the car then there will be a small box of tricks located close to the master cylinder. The four brake pipes will come out of this unit. If the car does not have ABS fitted the four brake pipes will come straight out of the master brake cylinder and the area around this will look far simpler.

Fiat made ABS an option on the 16v because they claimed that this gives the driver the more choice about their driving style (i.e. some drivers may want the natural non-ABS feel).

Are there any cheap replacement brake calipers?

Calvin Jones' rear brake caliper seized. He was quoted £150 for a new one which was more than he wanted to pay. He discovered that the rear brake caliper from a FIAT 125 saloon (circa about 1968) could be used. Although the unit looked different, when stripped the parts were interchangeable. He thinks that the same running gear was also used on FIAT X-19s.

How do I stop my brakes from squeeling?

Nareman Virk says that you should put some copper grease between the brake block and the piston. Under braking the brakes vibrate and the copper grease prevents the metal on metal squeel that's heard. Please be VERY careful not to get any grease on either the brake discs or the active side of the brake pad. Only a small abount of grease should be needed.

What other brakes fit the tipo?

Alexis Grant says that the Tipo 16V front brake discs are shared with:

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