Frequently asked questions about FIAT Tipo 16V

What fuel consumption should be expected?

In general I get about 31 mpg on a long journey and about 21-23 mpg on a day to day basis. I usually get about 200 miles out of a tank full. Travell about 50 miles for every major tick mark on the fuel gauge. The low fuel level indicator is so inaccurate that even when it shows reserve I can usually only put 45 litres in.

The best I got was travelling to Slovakia across Europe, a reasonably steady speed gave about 36 mpg, just as well when you have 1250 miles to do each way. Whilst running in my car I had to keep the revs under 4000 rpm and put as little load on the engine as possible. Whilst doing this I got 35.7 mpg.

Lutfi Okay says that in heavy traffic such as in the city he gets about 12-13 litres/100 km. Over a long distance at 120-140 (average) km/h it is 9-9.5 litres/100 km.

Why is my car using too much fuel and has lower performance than normal?

Steven Cooper says that this was caused by the exhaust manifold being cracked at the weld points allowing air in and out which confused the lamda sensor. He solved the problem by removing the manifold, discarding the heat shielding, re-welding and addding 1" insulation wrap.

Just how big is the petrol tank?

In theory, the fuel tank is 51 litres in volume and the low fuel warning light should come on when there is between 5 and 8 litres of fuel left. The low fuel warning light seems to come on randomly in my car once the tank is less than 1/4 full. I failed to solve the problem by replacing the sender unit. I can drive for about 30 miles after the light is on and the guage reads zero and still only get about 40 to 43 litres of fuel into the tank. This is extremely annoying as it limits the range of the car. Only on a couple of occasions have I ever managed to get more than 50 litres into the tank. This usually involved driving around all week with the reserve warning light on. I decided it was time I should fill it up when I went around a corner fast and the engine spluttered!!. This is not to be advised though as I once got 52 litres into the tank. Only then did I realize I must have been running on vapours.

I find it difficult to read the dip stick, what can I replace it with?

Nareman Virk says that he's using a dip-stick from a wide-bodied Alfa Romeo 155 (2.0 16v Twin Spark). It's the same length (he has checked and re-checked) but has a more accurate 'blade' reading on the tip.

Where is the fuel filter?

The fuel filter is located on the underside of the car, offside, approximately 3/4 of the way from the front. You can locate it by effectively looking directly below the rear offside passenger seat, behind the driver, and it is concealed behind a plastic cover.

It is held in by three bolts, the item itself is similar in shape and size to a 330ml coca-cola receptacle and is indicated by item 6 in the diagram below. The Fiat part# is 82434499.

Fuel Filter Location

What is the normal oil temperature?

Once the engine has reached operating temperature it should be at 100 degrees. That is the mark at about 12 O'clock on the temperature gauge.

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