Frequently asked questions about FIAT Tipo 16V

I get poor Radio Reception. How can I improve it?

Keith Meredith says that his radio suffers from poor radio reception. As he drives it often just starts to drift and give bad reception.

Alexis Grant says that if you get a whining noise on the radio that varies with throttle input you might need a suppressor to be fitted. It could also be a poor quality head unit. Maybe also have a look at changing the routing for the aerial, power and amp cables.

I say that there appear to be two types of aerial mast a long one and a short "bee sting" style. I'm not sure which is better but both should be okay.

Nareman Virk says to try replacing the whole aerial cable from the mast down to the head unit. Alternatively the end of the cable that plugs into the head unit may need a new plug. Chop off the old one and fit a new one. This worked for him.

Gavin Thomas said he cleaned up the earth contact on the aerial. It was a fiddly job - basically you access the bottom of the aerial through the interior courtesy light and after undoing the nut and washer pull off the aerial from the top. Then he cleaned up the serrated edges around the donut-shaped contact and reassembled . Making sure the earth contact against the roof was okay.

When fitting a radio, which is the permanent live wire?

Mike Jukes says that having fitted his radio it is on all the time without the need for the ignition to be switched on. How can the radio be set up to switch on/off with the ignition?

Nareman Virk asks why would you want to change it as he thinks it's the coolest thing to have your stereo on all the time. 5 door Tipo owners know that the electric windows work without the key in the ignition, providing one of the front doors is open however the 3 door Tipos the ignition is required to be on to operate the windows. The three wires coming from the car you need are:

Red = Ignition (+ve)
Black = Earth (-ve)
Yellow = Permanent live (+ve)

The radio will have three power cables, a black earth lead which you should connect to the cars black earth lead. You will also have two other leads, one for permanent live and one for power. The radios permanent live should always be connected to the cars yellow permanent live lead otherwise you will lose the radios memory when you switch the ignition off. You now have two choices.

  1. If you want to have your radio switch on and off with the ignition then you should connect the radios +ve power lead to the cars red ignition lead (+ve)
  2. If you want the radio to be used without the ignition switched on then also connect the radios +ve power lead to the cars permanent yellow (+ve) lead.

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