Frequently asked questions about FIAT Tipo 16V

How do I remove the seats?

It's very easy and takes about 5 minutes each. You need a (13mm?) socket and a Philips screwdriver. You have to unscrew 2 screws to remove a black plastic covering that hides the 13mm bolts. There are 4 to remove (one in each corner.)

How do I remove the inner door trims (5 door)?

Alexis Grant says...

Front doors:
  1. Unscrew the 6 screws that hold the door pockets in.
  2. Unscrew the handle.
  3. Prise the handle off and there should be another 2 screws + window switches.
  4. Take the 2 screws out of the window switch and disconnect the switch.
  5. Remove the bigger screws from the handle and pull the handle out.
  6. To remove the door handle cover, pull the handle open, and stick a screwdriver behind the cover.
  7. Slide cover over the handle.
  8. Door card should be loose at the bottom, now just pull away, watching out not to snap the poppers.
Rear doors
  1. Insert screwdriver into window regulator, and push 'c' clip off. Same as steps 2,4,5,6,7,8 above.
To put window regulator back on, place 'c' clip on to the handle 1st, the 2 ends should sit inside the handle bit (can't think of a suitable name) and then push on to the regulator, should make a click noise, pull handle to make sure it is back on properly.

Which replacement seat belt do I need?

This sounds like a rather strange question, however there are four possible seat belts for the Tipo 16v. If your car is a post 1993 three door model then it's simple, there is only one type of seat belt and this has a height adjuster. However, if your car is a pre 1993 five model then you have a choice of three types of seat belt. Two types are without a height adjuster, one of which is just a minor update on the other. The third type has a height adjuster and if you have this one then you are out of luck as FIAT have none left. The cost of standard seat belts are £76 and with height adjustment £130.

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