Ian Grist

Ian has a silver K registration 5 door Tipo 16V. It has 16" Alfa Romeo wheels and a K&N air filter.

Following some rapid driving Ian slid the car into a curb, destroying one of his alfa wheels, and bending the rear sub frame. Andy Forsdyke at Desirabury Fiat was great in telling him what the parts would cost. Ian brought a new sub frame and sourced another Alfa wheel which was then polished. However at the same time the car was on the ramps Ian decided to fit new Koni adjustable dampers and normal wound lowered 35mm Avo springs. Together this cost £535 including VAT. The front dampers are top adjustable, but the rears need the bottom pivot bolt removed and the whole shft turned to adjust, a jack up job, but worth it!

The car now goes round corners like you would not believe, but the front wheel can catch the wing under braking. Ian raced a Lexus IS200 the other day round some sharp bends, the Lexus looked like it was about to leave the road, the tipo however just kept accelerating, easy win. New dampers are the best handling mod you can make, all thier friends have recently changed dampers after seeing the benfits.

It now has a custom exhaust from Avanti motorsport which cost £450 excluding VAT, after a huge hassel from Supersprint. Since having the exhaust fitted the car is running quicker and sounds awesome. The cat has been removed as well.

Ian's friend Richard Ellingham has finished the preliminary ice install, but it needs a little more attention.

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