Richard Ellingham

Richard bought his Tipo 16V in January 2001. The car is a metallic red 3 door L reg, same as mine. The car probably has the lowest milage of any Tipo 16v in the UK - only 21,000. It's had a full Fiat service history all from the same garage where it was originally sold, and subsequently re-sold to Richard. The original asking price was £4500 but Richard got it down to £4000, which is still a fair amount, but considering the milage its ok.

The car won't need new dampers for a while, and its just had a brand new exhaust. However these parts will be removed soon, and replaced with similar items to those on Ian Grist's car, so some good quality spares will be for sale. A new radiator has just been fitted.

The down side is, the red stripes have faded, as have the badges. The drivers electric window motor is slower than manual windows. The oil pressure is too high. Richard has a few plans for the future money permitting.

Richard has fitted a K&N air filter and my old SuperSprint Exhaust including the catalytic converter straight through pipe.

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