Moshe Tevet

Moshe Tevet is 26 and has a red 3 door 16v with a Fiat Coupe turbo engine fitted - is he crazy! His car has Koni dampers, lowered springs which he cut at home himself and 205/50R15 Pirelli P-Zeros with Sparco alloys. He also has a K&N air filter, an Opel Astra GSI designed Ansa rear silencer and no catalytic converter.

The turbo engine swap took about a half a day and was very easy. The engine fitted just perfectly since it uses the same mounting points and only took half an hour. Slight adjustments were needed to fit the oil cooler and the intercooler. Moshe had to take out the fog lights as the intercooler sits behind the hole where the left fog light used to be and the oil cooler behind the right hole.

The cooling fan had to be replaced with a Renault Espace fan as they are the same size but the new fan is narrower.

The biggest problem was that there was no room left for the battery so it now sits in the boot!. The FIAT Coupe transmission didn't fit so he's still using the standard transmission fitted with a standard clutch for now.

Moshe has changed the air hoses into a niroste hose and fitted a dump valve. The ECU has been changed several times but now uses an Integrale computer. The cars performance was unbelievable with the boost at just 0.7 bar. He now has it set to 0.9 bar and the car is absolutly insane. He is kicking ass to modified Imprezas and even showed the Sedicivalvole badge to an Audi S4.

There's still a lot of work to be done like an oil tank to collect the oil and send it back to the oil carter, a decent exhaust system and some other small things.

The engine still has the old 2000 16V cam cover to fool the cops and the guys that check the car at the mot test every year.

In October 2000 Moshe went to Italy with his friend Alex and visited Fly Motors. He bought thier brake discs (front & rear which were both grooved and drilled). To go with these be also bought thier 4 pot brake callipers (made out of alloy and look great) plus matching hoses and pads. rear Ferodo pads, a modified head gasket and modified dump valve.

He has now also fitted a Fly Motors clutch and he was shocked. Apperently the standard clutch was sliping from the begining and the difference is huge. The clutch is quite heavy and is disengagedes near to top of the pedal travel which means you only need to press it only a few mm and then you can change gear.

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