The following are companies that sell after market equipment for 16V Tipos or specialize in tuning them


Cicale Racing
Via Lucio Trebellio 65/67
00040 Morena (RM)

Tel: +39 06 79845580
Fax: +39 06 79840866

Cicale Racing modify the standard Tipo engine with a Turbo for awesome performance. Full details of the conversion can be found here.

Fly Motors
S.Dorligo della Valle
Loc. Francovec, 409

Tel: +39 040 382701
Fax: +39 040 380596

This company makes absolutly everything for the Tipo and highly recommended by Alex Neagu and Moshe Tevet. They have a 3 piece clutch for about £200 which they will guarantee to hold 220 bhp. They can supply a catalogue, in Italian of course. They also make/sell:

  • Camshafts, 3 different cams from 270 to 302 degrees.
  • Brakes, front and rear discs and pads and 4 pot callipers.
  • Valves,
  • Pistons, any design to order.
  • Strut braces.
  • Exhaust systems
  • Air filters.
Speak to a very nice guy called Vito. Unfortunately his English is not so good but understandable.

Vaccari Motori
Via della Magliana Nuova
246 00146 Roma

Tel: +39 06/55261706
Fax: +39 06/5500965
Vaccari Motori

This company I understand are quite big in Italy. They have circuit racing cars (coupe 16v turbo and tipo 16v) and rallycars as well. They have everything you can dream of. They also speak English.


NJS Fiat Lancia Specalist
Unit 25
Pershore Trading Estate

Tel: +44 (0)1386 555523

Neil is the boyfriend of Emma Karwacki who has a Tipo 16V. If you tell he that you are a member of the Tipo 16V owners club and you found his number from this web site then he may give you 10% off labour.

Neil also says that a Cambelt and balancer shaft belt change should cost no more £125 + VAT including parts (plus bearings if necessary). The balancer shaft belt is available through (DAYCO) at a fraction of the cost of a Fiat belt. DAYCO is owned by Fiat and makes the belts for Fiat.

You can also contact Neil via Emma's email address which can be found following the link above.

D&E Design

Tel: +44 (0)1942 842004
Fax: +44 (0)1942 842899

Tipo "Integrale" bodykit (31KB) D&E Design sell a body kit made by Orciari in Italy. As you can see, this makes the Tipo look similar to a Lancia Integrale. The kit is very comprehensive and contains:

Alternative parts:
  • Front spoiler without lights (code 00926)
  • Rear spoiler in larger size (code 00927)
  • Front grill with 4 rectangular lights (code 00922)
  • Transparent eyebrows for lights fitted to above kit (code 00923)
  • Fumée eyebrows for lights fitted to above kit (code 00942)
  • Trunk "Bi-Box" (code 00335)

Tipo "Integrale" bodykit (91KB) Tipo "Integrale" bodykit (86KB) Here are prices for various parts of the kit. To keep costs down such as shipment from Italy they must be brought in quantities of at least 5:

  • Complete kit - £995 + VAT
  • Front grill with fog lights - £149.95 + VAT
  • Front spoiler without fog lights - £75.00 + VAT
  • Front spoiler with fog lights - £95.00 + VAT
For a further £1000 + VAT they can colour code and fit the kit. The company can also supply various alloy wheels.

CC Motorsport
Tel: +44 (0)01902 401978
Mobile: +44 (0)07748 145589
Fax: +44 (0)0870 1379605
CC Motorsport

CC Motorsport currently only sell a rear tailgate spoiler specifically for the Tipo. However the site does contain lots of use useful styling merchandise such as replacement wire mesh for grills.

Avanti Motorsport International
84 West End Street
BA16 0LP

Tel: +44 (0)1458 446517

Avanti have been tuning Fiats and Lancias since 1977 and can offer probably the largest range of performance parts for Italian cars in the Uk. They have a vast knowledge and experience and above all a diehard enthusiasm for going faster and keeping whats left on the road! These are some of the components that Avanti can supply for the Tipo 16V:

  • MS Design body kits
  • Orciari body kits
  • Thier own range of on-car top adjustable suspension struts. They say that after 23 years of Fiat modifying they have tried every single type and make of suspension and these are, in their opinion the best you can buy.
  • Gearbox conversions available such as close ratio gear kits and different ratio final drives to either improve acceleration or economy.
  • Limited slip diffs
Avanti have recently been working on a Turbo Charged Tipo. This uses the standard 16V engine block but with various parts from the Lancia Integrale and Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo engines. The car looks totally standard from the outside, but with approx 230 bhp at the moment and with the potential to go over 300 bhp in the future it is quite a Q car. They can repeat this kit for others as it is a fairly straightforward conversion but needs the right components to make it reliable. They know of people who have tried this without changing minor details like exhaust guides for the turbo bronze type. It may seem that the normally aspirated guides are the same but the increased heat of the turbo will cause the exhaust valves to lock up.

The rest of the car is in standard form. This will allow them to determine which bits such as cooling, braking, suspension need to be upgraded.

Speak to Darren Appleby.

Western Way
Bury St. Edmunds
IP33 3SY

Tel: +44 (0)1284 756464
Fax: +44 (0)1284 756474

Not strictly a tuning company but they can supply genuine Fiat parts at very good prices. Speak to Andy Forsdyke and he should also give you a trade discount if you mention where you read this.

Evolution Engineering
Pelier Street
SE17 3JG

Tel: +44 (0)171 7032225
Fax: +44 (0)171 7082555

Evolution Engineering Evolution Engineering

These are Lancia Integrale specialists who know a lot about tuning. They also work on the FIAT Tipo 16V since the powertrain and engine are essentially a Lancia Thema. They also stock the things you have trouble finding elsewhere such as ignition modules.

Middle Barton Garage
Middle Barton

Tel: +44 (0)1869 340289

These are Fiat specialists and Abarth agents. They also know about the 16V Tipo which, as most of us will have found out, FIAT garages typically don't. They are very well established and often offer advice and help without any cost. They are trained Fiat technicians and you often find them advertised in Auto Italia magazine. If possible speak to Jeff.

Allen Continental Ltd
Crows Nest Farm
Breakspear Road South
Near Uxbridge

Tel: +44 (0)1895 622096
Fax: +44 (0)1895 622091

Importers and Distributors of Lester Body Parts and Ansa and SuperSprint Sports Exhausts.

RacingBrand Limited
Pangbourne Lodge

Tel: +44 (0)118 9844175
Fax: +44 (0)118 9842864
The Tuning Web Shop

These guys are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They sell the following items for the FIAT Tipo:

Lowered Springs Lowers car by 30mm and cost £149 (Part# F02.70.130)
Interior Kit This is a 17 part kit that sticks over the existing interior. It is available in Briarwood, Mahogany, Aluminium, Carbon Fibre or Titanium Look and costs £120. It is unfortunately only available for 5 door Tipos although I'm not sure how different the interiors are. Maybe some of the 5 door interior would fit in the 3 door?
Exhaust Systems These are SuperSprint systems which are true OEM replacements. They also have Catalytic converter replacements which add several bhp.
Spoilers Rear Spoiler These are both MS Design products. One fits on the roof above the rear tailgate complete with brake light and costs £145 (Part# F02DF/11).
Rear Spoiler The other fits half way up the rear tailgate without a brakelight and costs £120 (Part# F02HFT).
Body Kits Again these are MS Design products. A replacement front bumper costs £200 (Part# F02V), a replacement rear bumper costs £145 (Part# F02H) and a pair of side skirts £230 (Part# F02LR). Buying the whole lot together saves £55 bringing the total price to £520. Please note the rear roof spoilers are extra. Apparently the bodykit accepts the SuperSprint exhaust.

5 Door Kit

3 Door Kit


KW Tuning
Autohaus Kirscher GmbH
Schwaimer Str. 1
D-94086 Griesbach

Tel: +49 8532 1358
Fax: +49 8532 7535

Tipo Provocatione kit (46KB) KW Tuning make the the so called "Tipo Provocatione" kit. The total width of the Tipo with this kit 193 cm! They also have tyre/wheel combinations for this body kit. The front has 225/50R15 and the rear is rear 285/40R15. See the gallery for more pictures.

AM Holzer Motorsport
Bgm.-Schlosser-Str. 4
D-86199 Augsburg

Tel: +49 821 906020
Fax: +49 821 9060241

RCT Riemer-Car-Tuning
i.H. Wagner & Munz
In der Rosenau 4
D-80829 Munich

Tel: +49 89 4510230
Fax: +49 89 45102333

Merkur GmbH
Bamberger Str. 61
D-96215 Lichtenfels

Tel: +49 9571 5007

Fritsch Motorsport
Sehmatalstr. 1
09456 Annaberg-B.

Tel: +49 3733 66942

Engstler Centro Sportivo
Rohrachstr. 9
D-87487 Wiggensbach

Tel: +49 8370 227
Fax: +49 8370 1314

NOVITEC Automobile Vertriebs GmbH
Hochstr. 8
D-87778 Stetten

Tel: +49 8261 21348
Fax: +49 8261 21640


REMUS Exhausts
Innovation, Forschungs und Abgasanlagen-Produktionsgesellschaft m.b.H.Griesbach
Dr. Niederdorfer Str. 25
A-8572 Bärnbach Austria

Tel: 03142 62074
Fax: 03142 62222

This Austrian company makes exhausts for the Tipo 16V.